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13th Jul 2012 | 13:51

Small business tech round-up - TechRadar Business Centre

Small business tech round-up - TechRadar Business Centre

All the latest tech and services from the last week

Skype voicemails direct to your email account

London based VoxSciences has developed a voice recognition service that takes your Skype voicemails and sends them in text form directly to your email.

To get the service set up all you need to do is create a VoxScience free 7-day trial account – it takes about two minutes to setup – and from then on all your voicemails are redirected via the VoxScience service to your email.

VoxSciences also offer a voicemail to text service and voicemail to SMS service on the standard mobile networks from 3, 02, Orange, T-mobile, Virgin and Vodafone, prices start from £5 per month for 30 messages.

There's a quick TextMemo service as a demo of what Voxsciences can do. Just leave a message from your mobile to 0203 111 22 00 and they will send you a text back what you said within a few minutes.


BaseKit launches 200 new business templates

BaseKit launches over 200 new mobile templates

Recent research from BaseKit reveals that small businesses are missing out on vital sales and new customers as just one-in-ten (9%) say their websites can currently be used with mobile phones and tablets. To help businesses increase mobile sales, BaseKit have launched 200 new website templates that are optimised for desktops, mobiles and tablet devices.

In addition to the 200 new web templates BaseKit, which creates self-build website tools for small businesses globally, has also improved the usability of making getting online simpler.

The new premium templates have been built in partnership with BaseKit's community of web professionals worldwide and come pre-integrated with PayPal or Google Checkout eCommerce, and social media channels.

BaseKit also launched the BaseKit Learning Centre to help small business owners keep pace with technology change and Industry best practice. The Learning Centre features free advice and online guides written by professionals to help them get the most from the internet.


BT combines free Business wireless services

BT is combining its Openzone wireless broadband Internet access and BT Fon Wi-fi community together under one name: BT Wi-fi. The company says that the move makes things 'neater and clearer'.

This means that BT business broadband customers – who get unlimited free WiFi - don't need to pay for 3G or use a dongle to get online while they are out and about, as long as they can find one of the new hotspots.

BT claim there are over 3.5 million across the UK, and there are now hotspot finder apps for Apple iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry devices.

BT wifi

Protect your tablet with 02 insurance

O2 launch Tablet insurance

Increasingly tablets are being used more and more by businesses, Enders Analysis reported there were 5 million UK tablet owners at end 2011 – a 4m increase from the end of 2010 – and the numbers are rising however many will not be insured, so O2 have launched dedicated tablet insurance service.

Tablet Insurance from O2 Money offers two services priced at £10 and £15 per month, and for this you get theft, loss (this is not available with the £10 per month service) and accident damage – even water damage.

The cover is for Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tablets and it promises a next working day replacement and O2 Gurus help with back-up and data recovery.

Tablet Insurance from O2 Money

QuBit launches the world's first free self-service Universal Tagging system

Until now tag management was a service that was expensive and only really open to larger businesses, but QuBit's free service QuBit OpenTag gives any the business the ability to reap the benefits – reduced maintenance times and faster sites - of a tag management system.

Most useful third-party services run by websites - such as Google Analytics - use tags, and each page of your website is probably full of tags. There are tags for analytics, tags for social media, tags for advertising, tags for SEO, and they very soon start to add up. They also become a bit of an administrative headache, every time a tag changes you need to change the tag on each page. Additionally because each tag comes from a different URL and a different provider – and even a different continent - it can potentially slow down your websites time to respond. Which is where tag management comes in.

With tag management, you just need to add one tag on each page, and that tag then calls all of your other tags. So now when you add a new page all you need to do is add a single tag not a list as long as your arm. When a tag changes you only need make one change in your tag management service and all the tags on your website are automatically updated. Additionally because the tags are cached on the tag-management service rather than fetched from all the different service websites, your page download speeds are also improved.

QuBit free self-service Universal Tagging system

Business apps new iPhone and Android apps apps for Android and iPhone has revamped their Android and iPhone apps with new downloadable maps of 120 cities around the world and has added the ability to share your maps and locations with colleagues and friends.

The new vector maps allow you to download and keep street maps complete with restaurants, bars and hotels for an entire city in just a few MBs, rather than the hundreds it would need with standard GIF and JPG based maps.

Additionally, integration with Facebook allows travellers to personalise their guides by requesting suggestions from friends, inviting fellow travellers to collaborate on their guides and accessing all Facebook friend check-ins.

The new social media sharing also allows you to get advice from colleagues on the best restaurants and attractions and for you to recommend places to other people in your circle. Additionally integration with Facebook allows travellers to personalise their guides by requesting suggestions from friends, inviting fellow travellers to collaborate on their guides and accessing all Facebook friend check-ins.

You can also create your own personal guides and any addition to the personal travel guide will be automatically synced once on Wi-Fi, incorporating input from multiple users – be they friends or fellow travellers.

The new downloadable maps also enable you to work out your destinations while you're offline, so that 7-hour plane journey can be put to good use, plus there are no unexpected roaming charges to bump up your phone bill. iPhone app Android app

Doodle scheduling app for iPad and iPhone

New Doodle iPad and iPhone app makes mobile scheduling easy

Meeting scheduling firm Doodle has today launched a new iPad app of its popular scheduling tool – 500k users in the UK and 10 million worldwide - along with a completely updated new iPhone app.

The online service lets users schedule business meetings much more effectively. To schedule a meeting, a user selects some possible dates and times and asks the meeting attendees to specify what one works best for them.

The iOS app features include:

  • Tabular and list view
  • Landscape and portrait mode for all views
  • Calendar integration
  • Sortable dashboard (a feature that desktop users will be jealous of)
  • All admin functions (poll options, close poll, etc.)
  • Optimised accessibility

The app costs £1.99

Doodle iPhone and iPad app

See your share data in real-timewith Flexi Share Trade app

The Flexi Share Trade app and web site allows you to track your share portfolio in real-time.

The app allows you to view investment news from around the world, and see the latest market data from LSE, NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX.

The app is designed for those wanting to see where the markets are moving. The dashboard interface allows you to see the movers and shakers, see heat maps of what shares are the hot shares in UK, US and globally as well as viewing Twitter streams from industry analysts in different sectors.

The standard service is free but if you want real-time data and access to archived share data and additional features prices are £9.95 per month or £19.95 per month depending on the levels of data you require.

Flexi Share Trade

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