10 hidden tips and tricks for your new Xbox One

9th Dec 2013 | 12:05

10 hidden tips and tricks for your new Xbox One

Get the best out of the Xbox One with these handy hints

The Xbox One is absolutely packed with features. Alongside allowing you to play the best-looking games that have ever graced a Microsoft console, the machine is also a one-stop entertainment solution.

Through the console you can plug a set-top box and take advantage of myriad TV features. And then there's the social side – you can instantly share your best kill or drive with your Xbox Live friends. Oh, and did we mention that it is also your ultimate fitness companion?

There is such an abundance of features that we thought it best to collate them in a list and offer you the 10 best hidden tips and tricks that the Xbox One has to offer. Enjoy!

Xbox One

1) One is where the heart is…

The Xbox One isn't just a games machine - it can keep you fit too. In fact, the all-new Kinect can even measure your heart rate. According to Microsoft, the new Kinect does this by "measuring the power, force and transfer of weight in your body". With this information it will then track the quality of your performance. A new online service called Xbox Fitness, bundled with every Xbox Live Gold membership, will also help you to keep fit, with an abundance of fitness workouts to keep you on your toes.

2) Play it again, Sam!

The Xbox One is a console that also offers you the ultimate in bragging rights. A new feature called Game DVR allows you to capture your greatest gaming moments and share them with other gamers. You can then use Upload Studio to add your own video commentary to the footage, as well as special effects to make your gaming look as cool as possible.


3) Multitasking made easy

Given that the world is full of screens, most of us are pretty handy at multitasking now and – you'll be glad to hear, so is the Xbox One. For those who want extra stimulus, the Xbox One will also let you watch television while playing a game. To do this, you need to use the Snap function to snap TV to the side of your game screen.

4) Complete control

The Xbox One will be able to tell just who is using which controller. So if you are playing a game where you need to pass the controller around so someone else can have a go, it will know that there's a different person holding it and update scores accordingly. Impressive. Most impressive.

5) Find your voice

The Xbox One will interact with the sound of your voice. So instead of pressing buttons to turn the console on, you can just say: "Xbox, on" when you enter a room. And then to turn the console off, you simply say "Xbox, off". Simple.


6) Walk the walk and talk the talk

As the Xbox is part of the Microsoft family this means that you get some fantastic Microsoft benefits with the console. One of these is Skype. You'll be able to use Skype on the console without having to stop mid-game, so you can share the gaming fun with friends and family – or just use it for some real time bragging.

7) You can save face with Kinect

If you really want to be part of the gaming experience then you will be happy to know that Kinect can add your facial expressions into a game. Kinect will allow you to capture your face and body dimensions and then you can essentially add these features to an in-game character.

8) Scan-tastic

Microsoft has made it even easier to download games with the Xbox One. Now you can hold a QR code up to Kinect and mutter the words: "Xbox, use a code". It's certainly a much more fun way to redeem vouchers than manually typing in a long string of letters and numbers.


9) Smarter gaming with SmartGlass

A new SmartGlass app has been designed from the ground up to take advantage of the Xbox One. Download it on to your Windows, iOS or Android device and you will be able to take your gaming with you and also interact with certain in-game features with your phone. How nifty is that?

10) Show off your social side

The Xbox One is taking full advantage of social, so much that it has created an entirely new app to enhance the experience. Called the Friends app, it will allow you to see what all your Xbox 360 and Xbox One friends are up to.

Check out our Xbox One video review below:

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