Mobile World Congress 2014: Live business coverage from TechRadar Pro

25th Feb 2014 | 16:00

Mobile World Congress 2014: Live business coverage from TechRadar Pro

Hot from Barcelona

TechRadar Pro brings you the latest enterprise and business news, titbits and interviews from the world's biggest mobile-related event.

Mobile World Congress is taking place in Barcelona and kickstarts on Monday 24, spanning over four days.

We are onsite from Saturday to cover the traditional MWC press day which happens the following day, just before MWC opens and will keep this page updated till Thursday evening.

We will be covering the likes of Microsoft, Intel, Qualcomm, Huawei, HP, Samsung , Fujitsu, Panasonic, NEC and a lot more.

You can also follow TechRadar's running MWC 2014 thread to find out more about the latest smartphones and tablets that will be launched over the next few days.

The freshest content will be chronologically published below and times will be GMT. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @techradarpro.

27 February 2014, 1300

Security specialist Webroot and expert Cellebrite have just taken the wrappings off a mobile malware protection solution for telcos and retailers. The service, which will be marketed as a product, will see Cellebrite placing Webroot's Mobile App Reputation Service and URL Classification Service under the bonnet of its diagnostics product range.

27 February 2014, 1000

MWC 2014 has now passed the half way point. Our first interview today was with Kevin McDonagh, CEO of Novoda, which is best know for its work with Tesco on its popular Hudl tablet. McDonagh reckons that the traditional RTOS (Real-Time Operating System) is ripe for disruption and is in a similar position to the smartphone market before Android landed.

26 February 2014, 1100

We've just met with Huawei's President IT Product Line, Yelai Zheng, who explained to us the concept of the company's Cloud OS, something that was launched last year. It consists of three virtualization components (computing, storage and network) plus a set of APIs.

The idea is that IT and telecoms is on a convergence path because they use similar hardware and software, so moving the three components to the cloud could save them both "OpEx" and "CapEx". Huawei reckons that service providers are in a unique position to offer cloud services with minimal latency and a high QoS (quality of service), and therefore have a real chance of adding value to their business.

26 February 2014, 1000

One day after launching the Galaxy S5, Samsung gave us the low-down on its KNOX enterprise-oriented service. Essentially an app store for business users, the South-Korea based company revealed that it picked AppDirect to provide the service, and there are just under 150 apps available at present.

The second version of KNOX has brought a bunch of new features, including certificate management, VPN+, an enhanced container, an enterprise mobility management as well as consolidated billing. According to Samsung, around 7,000 KNOX-enabled devices are activated daily.

25 February 2014, 1700

We just met with AMD and Nvidia to hear about their latest innovations. Nvidia didn't have a lot to talk about beyond the K1 launched at CES as well as a couple of Iocera-powered LTE solutions based on Tegra 4 and 4i.

AMD was talking up its new mobile platform based on its Mullins APU with 2 or 4 Puma cores and we saw plenty of demos of it in action.

The company also used MWC to announce a partnership with Bluestacks that will result in the availability of a new BlueStacks dual-OS based around Android and Windows that is optimised for AMD APUs.

This means that you'll soon be able to buy a Windows-based device (with an AMD APU) that can run tons of Android apps (any from the Google Play store) as an executable file in Windows without the need for a reboot or dual-booting.

25 February 2014, 1500

We get hands on with Panasonic's new 5-inch Toughpad - coming soon on the site in hands on form. It's available in both Windows 8.1 and Android flavours and features a barcode reader, dual-SIM support and numerous other waterproof and dustproof tech.

25 February 2015, 1100

It's another day at MWC2014, and everybody is queing up to offer their opinion on Samsung's new flagship handset, the Galaxy S5. Not only at the expo in Spain itself, but around the world on social networks too.


In the business realm, PayPal and Samsung announced that they are teaming up to let shoppers buy goods using the Galaxy S5's fingerprint scanner. The online merchant has been swift to get into bed with Samsung and is the first global payment company to support the South-Korea-based company's biometrics technology.

Meanwhile, BlackBerry has taken the wrappings off BES12, the latest version of the Canadian handset maker's BlackBerry Enterprise Service. According to the company, it will allow organisations to create
"enterprise-grade" applications for use on the company's mobile devices.

24 February 2014, 1800

We briefly played with Fujitsu's just announced prototype haptic sensory tablet. In a nutshell, it uses ultrasonic vibration to convey tactile sensations by altering the friction coefficient between the touchscreen display and the user's finger.

You can actually use more than one finger if you want to and we found out that the haptic effect is binary (i.e. you don't get gradual changes in the vibration frequency to mimic changing textures.

The trigger area as well is not totally accurate; for example, the edge between smooth and rough areas doesn't match the vibrations and obviously, the effect applies only to pictures for the time being.

We tried a number of demos on one of the prototype tablets but although they are gimmicky at the moment, haptic does have many applications in the real world especially for old people, people with poor eye-sight and blind people.

Fujitsu haptic tablet

24 February 2014, 1600

Meanwhile, Mediatek outed its first 64-bit LTE SoC, the MT6732, which is slated for launch later this year - possibly during the last quarter. Clocked at 1.5GHz the SoC will have four cores and will be around the same as the Cortex-A9, performance-wise.

HP took the opportunity to launch new business tablets at MWC 2014, including the HP ElitePad 1000, a 64-bit Windows 8.1 device with a 10.1-inch widescreen WUXGA multi-touch display.

The company's thinnest tablet to date measuring just 9.2mm, the tablet has been outed with a number of enterprise features in tow, including a fingerprint reader, HP Client Management, Client Security, and an optional Security Smart Jacket with multi-factor authentication.

In the storage space, SanDisk launched what it claims is the world's smallest microSDXC card to offer 128GB capacity. Using proprietary technology, the company has crammed in more than a thousand times more storage capacity than the microSD card format that was launched in 2004.

24 February 2014, 1345

Our day started on a bang with a number of key announcements from Intel who has unveiled two new processor families part of the Atom Range, Merrifield and Moorefield, both based on the Silvermont architecture.

Devices from Lenovo, Asus, Dell and Foxconn are expected to appear very soon on the market with nearly 80 design wins for tablets alone. The company also introduced a new LTE-Advanced modem that can reach up to 300Mbps download speeds.

23 February 2014, 2120

A long and exhausting day comes to an end. Sundays have never been so fun. Went to meet Mediatek ahead of a busy week for them with a couple of key announcements. That was followed by a trip to the Fira Gran Via to collect my MWC badge and witness how mighty Samsung was. The vicinity of the main building is kitted in such a way that you'd think MWC was just a big Samsung event.

Samsung Fira

The next trip was to Pepcom's Mobile Focus Global where dozens of big and smaller companies get to show their gears ahead of the official start of MWC. We met up with HP which has announced new phablets for EMEA market plus a mainstream convertible laptop, ZTE, Salesforce, Newegg (who confirmed that it will coming to the UK).

HP Convertible

We also chatted with a small company called Tensorcom, which is currently working on a new hardware solution that offers gigabit speeds (as part of the 802.11ad protocol)

23 February 2014, 1435

We're now at the somptuous Hotel Arts of Barcelona (which is just yards away from the beach) to hear, in a few minutes about Mozilla and its operating system, Firefox OS. The not-for-profit organisation will talk about the future of Firefox OS, demo a number of new devices and provide with more details regarding the current Firefox Marketplace.

Firefox table

23 February 2014, 1330

Microsoft's event is now off and I'm off now to Mozilla to check out what it is going to announce. Big news is that there will be a Windows 8.1 update (which has yet to be named) which will offer a number of small but still significant updates. More on that here.

23 February 2014, 1200

We're at Hotel Rey Juan Carlos to hear from top Microsoft executives who will discuss the progress the company made with the Windows Phone platform in the past year and how that has solidified its position among the top three smartphone platforms plus its plans to "propel growth even more."

The event will also see Microsoft share insights into how Windows is evolving and its commitment to continuous improvement and innovation for its partners, enterprise customers and consumers.

Microsoft event

23 February 2014, 0930

Samsung is all over Barcelona's airport with the electronics giant pimping its KNOX range of entreprise ready services. The advert below says that the product is available on the Galaxy S4, S4 Mini, Note 3 and Note 10.1. Surely the Galaxy S5 will be added to that list soon.

samsung knox

Oh and the cheapest and most effective way to travel from the airport to the city centre is surely the train which costs a mere 10.30 Euros for 10 trips in zone 1. Two were needed to reach my destination, still a massive bargain compared to the average 50 Euros that would have cost otherwise.

T10 ticket

22 February 2014, 1710

WE_MWC Infographics

We also had our first infographics sent to us courtesy of PR firm Waggener Edstrom. Cheekily entitled "We know Mobile World Congress", it narrates the funny and often embarrassing side of MWC. From ginormous sum spent on booking hotel rooms to the abnormally high model attendance at the show, those who have been there before will remember many awkward moments. Click here to view the infographic.

22 February 2014, 1600

Cisco Internet of Things

Cisco will share its vision of an interconnected world at Mobile World Congress next week and explore the possibilities offered. Subtle but important differentiation, the networking giant calls it the Internet of Everything rather than the more generic, Internet of Things, a more widely used and adopted term.

21 February 2014, 1213

If you've ever wondered why MWC is held in Barcelona and why the Catalan city is such a great place to organise this event, check out the interview we had with Aleix Valls, head of entrepreneurship and innovation at Mobile World Capital.

Should you want the OTHER tech event that will take place in Barcelona, then, we've got free tickets to give away for that gig to. 4 Years from now is probably the most imaginative name for an event ever and targets developers, entrepreneurs and investors operating in the mobile market and you can find more about it here.

Oh, and for those planning to attend MWC 2014, we've put together a shortlist of essential tips for you.

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