10 tech mistakes you should never make

13th Mar 2014 | 18:36

10 tech mistakes you should never make

A testament to tech fails

As Gary Marshall explains, "the more tech you have in your life, the more tech regrets you're likely to have."

By this philosophy, here at TechRadar we have more regrets than we can count every one of our appendages. This isn't to suggest we don't still love the stuff, only that if we hand a penny for each time we committed an act of tech failery, we'd have more coin than the whole of House Lannister.

Whether it's forgetting to back up our hard drives, drunk tweeting or buying the wrong version of Windows, we can safely but regrettably say to all: been there, done that.

Here's our list of the top 10 tech mistakes you should never (but will probably always) make.

  • Read Gary Marshall's original article here
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