15 Father's Day gadgets to buy for yourself

17th Jun 2009 | 11:40

15 Father's Day gadgets to buy for yourself

Because your kids will either forget you or get you something rubbish

The ultimate entertainment

It's a simple biological fact that dads love gadgetry so they make the perfect gift for Father's Day.

The problem is that your kids are more into either make-up, dresses and shoes, or mud, football and beer.

And what if you haven't got any kids? Why should you miss out on this present-giving bonanza?

The solution is that you should treat yourself to something special this Father's day, because if you don't buy yourself something awesome, no one will.

Read on for our inside guide to every father's gadgetry wishlist.

Sky hd

Sky+HD - £49 + £10/month

There's not a father born who doesn't love a bit of sport, and there are some fantastic Sky HD deals, which means it has never been cheaper to get high definition TV.

Sky+HD boxes have been slashed to £49 and a high definition subscription is only an extra £10 on normal tariffs.

Buy it here

Drive like Nigel Mansell


Fuel - £34.99 (Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation3)

Chaps and cars always mix, so the new open world racer from Codemasters is bound to go down well.

Even the most adverse paternal gamer will be able to master this 'drive anywhere' masterpiece, and hours of fun can be had exploring, even if he can't finish the races.

Buy it here: Game

Master the remote control


Logitech Harmony One - £94.12

All blokes are kings of the remote control, but with the amount of gadgetry in most living rooms, it can be a confusing task for you to keep on top of.

The Harmony One is a universal remote with a difference, and the software has thousands of device's profiles so he can simply search for DVD players, stereos or even consoles rather than going through the painful button matching process.

Buy it here: Amazon UK

Go stress free


Wireless Earphones (£12.95)

Give yourself some peace and relax with these wireless earphones.

With no dangling cables to restrict movement, there's no more comfortable way to relax with his favourite music or TV and block the racket that your kids are making.

Buy it here: Gizoo

End in-car arguments


Gear4 CarDock - £49.99

It's hard for families to compromise on in-car music, and it's normally poor Dad who loses out.

Have a heart this Father's Day and buy yourself an in-car iPod dock. The CarDock uses an FM transmitter to link to the car's radio, and unlike its rivals which are lambasted for poor performance, the Gear4 has an intelligent system to keep your iPod tuned in.

Buy it here: Play

Get fit and live longer


Nike+ iPod - £17.99

Keep fit and healthy this Father's Day with the Nike+ kit. It tracks your runs and records them, so you will see obvious improvements and be more likely to keep going.

Buy it here: Play

Go back to the future


Sega Mega Drive Twin Player Console - £39.95

Go back in time this Father's day with the Sega Mega Drive.

This blast from the gaming past comes with a selection of built in original games, including Sonic and Knuckles and Alex Kidd.

The Mega Drive can even play cartridges from back in the day. Show us a Dad who isn't a sucker for retro gaming, we challenge you!

Buy it here: Firebox

Never get lost again


TomTom GO 930 - £359

All guys think they're king of the road, but let's face it - you still get lost sometimes.

The TomTom Go 930 has a fantastic widescreen display, fantastic mapping, and even helps with those difficult lane decisions. Smoother journeys, a great deal less frustration, calmer passengers and crew. Or at least that's the theory...

Buy it here: Amazon UK

Stay connected


HANNspree HANNsNote £259.99

Based on the highly successful MSI Wind, HANNspree has managed to undercut its sister product by £20 making this the best value netbook on the market.

With five hour battery life, 160GB hard drive and weighing only 1.2KG, this is the perfect netbook for the computing father.

Buy it here: Misco

Widen his horizons

sony reader

Sony Reader - £179.99

Perfect for dads who love a good book, the Sony Reader is much smaller and lighter than a hardback book and can store up to 160 ebooks.

Fantastic for getting a literary fix on the move, whether that's on this years' summer holiday or grabbing a quick read in the car.

Buy it here: Play

Be Tony Blackburn

USB turntable

USB Turntable - £79.95

Bring your record collection kicking and screaming into the 21st Century by digitising them into MP3s.

This turntable lets you record all your vinyl onto PC through a stylish turntable. The only trouble will be stopping yourself doing a Tony Blackburn Top 40 count down.

Buy it here: Firebox

Make memories HD

camileo s10

Toshiba Camileo S10 - £119

This tiny flip out camera records in glorious 1080p, and while its quality doesn't match the best cameras on the market, it's still does a cracking job.

The Camileo is also really light and easy to use, which is perfect for techno-guys.

Buy it here: Pixmania

Get sentimental

sony s frame

Sony S-Frame 9-inch - £129.99

If you want to give yourself something meaningful this Father's Day, the new range of 'S-Frame' digital photo frames is perfect.

With luxurious styling and a choice of screen sizes – from 7 inches up to a massive 10 inches – you'll find the perfect photo frame to match your needs. Just slip in the media card from virtually any digital camera or connect a PC to transfer your family photos.

Buy it here: Play

Cheap and useful


QDOS Jet Skin iPod/iPhone cases - £19.99

If you're looking for a quick paternal present then look no further than the Jet Skin. It protects iPod Touchs and iPhones from nasty scratches and looks damned cool too

Buy it here: QDOS

Portable music


Sony X-Series WALKMAN - £229.99

The new X-Series Sony Walkman packs in a stunning 3-inch OLED touchscreen and built-in noise cancelling technology.

It's the perfect choice for anyone who's serious about enjoying their music, videos or photos on the move and the slim, compact and beautifully styled X-Series fits easily into a pocket.

Buy it here: Amazon UK

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