Round-up: All the week's best tech stories

26th Jul 2007 | 23:00

Round-up: All the week's best tech stories news: all the best bits from the last 7 days

The dominance of the Apple iPhone has at last been broken! This week, the world seems to have returned to something near normality. The hotly-anticipated Facebook court case came to a head, and then went away again. Microsoft laid down a ballpark data for the release of its OS follow-up to Windows Vista.

And music by The Beatles could soon be free to own if the copyright of the band's first album expires. Read on for the full story of the weeks techy happenings.

Beatles music to be free after 2013
This is just bizarre. The UK government has rejected plans to extend copyright ownership on sound recordings from 50 to 70 years. This means that all music recorded will be released into the public domain after just 50 years. What does this mean? It means that albums such as the debut one by The Beatles will be public property as soon as in six years time!

Windows Vienna launch date revealed
On Monday, Microsoft outlined its launch plans for the next version of the Windows operating system, codenamed Windows 7 (formerly Vienna).The launch date was revealed at a field sales conference held last Thursday and it's coming sooner than you may have thought.

IPhone, Macs vulnerable to Safari hack attack
Glee from Apple-haters erupted after it was reported that a flaw in Apple's Safari web browser could enable a hack to take control of the iPhone. Researchers working for Independent Security Evaluators were able to take control of the iPhone using the hack - oh dear!

ID theft plagues Facebook, MySpace
While the social networking bandwagon keeps rocking on, the sites such as Facebook and MySpace are becoming a magnet for identity thieves. That's according to internet experts who say the personal information posted could be enough to apply for credit cards or a bank account.

Microsoft to launch Zune MP3 player in UK?
Coming soon? Do you care about the Zune, or are you happy with your iPod? Either way, you may be interested to read that Microsoft is prepping itself to launch a second generation of its Zune MP3 players. After it announced that it has sold one million of the first 30GB Zune players, a Microsoft PR person confirmed that there is more to come this year.

You'll have 50Mbps broadband by 2012
By the time the London Olympics are held, you could be lapping up broadband speeds of up to 50Mbps. That's because BT is currently thinking through plans to adopt a cable fibre network that would significantly boost broadband speeds.

B&O drops 32-inch designer LCD TV
Bang & Olufsen has grown its BeoVision LCD TV range in both size and numbers, with the addition of a 32-inch set. The BeoVision 8-32 joins the existing 26-inch model. Read more if this is the kind of news that interest you...

Juror goes on trial over MP3 player contempt
The woman who was kicked off the jury in a murder trial for listening to her MP3 player in court, went on trial herself this week. She faces time in prison after ignoring key evidence in the trial of a man who allegedly bludgeoned his wife to death.

New Sony Walkman range unveiled
Sony unveiled its new range of Walkman MP3 players this week; the light and stylish NWD-B100 Series, featuring easy PC track copying and FM radio options. The low-cost new Walkman range is coming soon to the UK.

KEF launches iPod dock for audiophiles
Are you sick of cheap and tacky iPod accessories? If so, listen up. Hi-Fi experts KEF have announced the launch of a new high quality iPod speaker dock, and it's aimed squarely at those who can tell the difference between good and bad sound. The tiny speakers weigh in at incredible two kilos, indicating quality. They're not cheap though...

Xbox 360 console set for price cut
Microsoft is planning a price cut for the Xbox 360 in the United States. That's according to retail sources in the US who revealed the amount the console will be reduced by, and the date it will happen.

MySpace rocked by 29,000 sex offenders
Social networking behemoth MySpace says that it has found and deleted the profiles of 29,000 sex offenders on its site. The figure is US-only, meaning that around 5 per cent of America's sex offenders have now been found on and purged from the site.

Wii sends Nintendo profits into orbit
The immense popularity of the Wii console has seen Nintendo's net profits skyrocket. In news that will only irritate Sony, the Wii has reversed the company's fortunes in startling fashion.

Woman conned out of £12,900 in webdating scam
An Australian woman has been scammed into sending 30,000 Australian dollars (£12,900) to a Nigerian conman she met online. The 30-year old woman joined an internet dating agency where she fell for a Nigerian con artist. Do people still fall for these tricks?

Sony unleashes world's first HD video Walkman
Sony has just made it a whole lot easier to check those video shots taken with your HDV or DV camcorder when you're away on holiday or on the move. The company today announced the world's first high-definition video Walkman.

Blu-ray and HD DVD set for big sales boom
As consumers begin to embrace more high-definition products and services, next-generation disc players are poised to experience significant growth over the next five years. Not really that surprising, but interesting all the same.

Windows Vista sells 60 million copies
Microsoft has now sold some 60 million copies of its latest operating system, Windows Vista. But the first service pack update for Windows Vista seems to be delayed further. The latest milestone figure was announced at Microsoft's annual meeting

BBC launches iPlayer download service
The BBC has launched the Beta version of its iPlayer service. The on demand media player means you can 'catch-up' on programming from the last seven days. Only a fixed number of people will be able to sign up for the moment.

And that's about it. See you next week...

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