LG may fling a fingerprint scanner on G3 and G2 Pro smartphones

21st Jan 2014 | 23:37

LG may fling a fingerprint scanner on G3 and G2 Pro smartphones

Biometrics are the new craze

Fingerprinting scanners are making waves in the phone world, with Apple's Touch ID pulling the bandwagon forward and the HTC One Max following.

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S5, which most likely won't have biometric tech, it seems LG doesn't want to be left behind.

Reports from Korean site ETNews point to the forthcoming LG G3 and LG G2 Pro as the phones the Korean firm will equip with fingerprint-reading tech.

According to the report, the LG G2 was allegedly supposed to have a fingerprinting sensor but was scrapped due to time constraint and low yields.

But where to put it?

If LG is indeed thinking about placing a fingerprint reader on its next-gen phones, it's unclear where it would go.

The back of the LG G3 makes the most sense since its predecessor already has the power button and volume controls there - but it may be a little unwieldy and, ultimately, too crowded.

It's expected that we'll see the G2 Pro drop in February - which is coincidentally when MWC 2014 takes place - and the G3 in May.

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