LG G3 may flash eye scanning or fingerprint reading security features

14th Feb 2014 | 18:03

LG G3 may flash eye scanning or fingerprint reading security features

Can biometrics help LG secure third?

Korean consumer electronics giant LG is seeking to reclaim some of its former glory worldwide, which will apparently include devices with some kind of biometric security measures on board.

ZDNet Korea was on hand in Seoul February 13 to cover the launch of the LG G Pro 2, a handset the manufacturer plans to introduce in the US and Europe soon after its Asian launch next month.

During the press conference, LG Mobile executives were asked about the possibility of biometric authentication technology being implemented into the company's future flagship phones.

Although no firm plans were unveiled, LG officials claimed to be "considering all possibilities," which could include eye or fingerprint recognition such as what's currently offered in the iPhone 5S or competing Android devices from Samsung.

Not-so-distant third?

According to Softpedia, LG's interest in biometrics could first be introduced with the LG G3. The G3 is expected to debut by early summer as the successor to the company's big-screen LG G2.

That could give LG the advantage of seeing what Samsung has in store for at the upcoming Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona later this month. It's there Samsung is expected to debut its Galaxy S5 smartphone.

For now, LG executives appear unfazed by any potential threats from Samsung or Lenovo's acquisition of Motorola, instead keeping their eye on becoming third place in the global smartphone market after Samsung and Apple.

"We have a plan to reclaim third place in the global market by the end of the year and have no intention to react on each moves our competitors make," one product manager with LG Mobile told ZDNet Korea, planning to pit "product competitiveness" against all rivals.

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