Latest mobile phones 2013: hottest handsets reviewed

23rd Nov 2012 | 17:45

Latest mobile phones 2013: hottest handsets reviewed

Our one stop spot for all our new mobile phone reviews

Latest mobile phones 2013 - Hands on

In the ever-changing mobile market, it can be hard to keep pace with the latest mobile phones. That's why we've put together this hub for our latest mobile phone reviews and hands on: to give you the ideal jumping-on point for choosing the best handset for you out of the most current models around.

We cover a plethora of brands, including Apple, HTC, Nokia, Samsung and Blackberry, and operating systems, such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8, so you should find something that piques your interest here.

In short, if you're seeking a new mobile phone, this is a great place to start.

Hands on

These phones are so new we've not even received a unit to put through our full review process yet.

Luckily TechRadar travels the world to get hands on with all the latest handsets as soon as they're announced, so we can give you our initial reaction right here, right now.

Huawei Ascend G330

Huawei Ascend G330

After the success of the wallet-friendly Ascend G300 the Chinese manufacturer has decided to reboot the handset with the Huawei Ascend G330.

Expected to sport the same £100 price tag, the Ascend G330 features a 4-inch display, beefed up 1GHz dual-core processor, 512MB RAM, 5MP rear camera and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

The handset itself is pretty uninspiring, but you're not going to get iPhone-esque styling on a device which is one fifth of the price so we can forgive Huawei here, but at 130g it's got a weight to it.

Unlike Samsung and HTC, Huawei doesn't go overboard with its Android overlay, with just a light sprinkling occurring on the ICS interface on the G330 – although icons have been changed, and look a little childish.

With its impressive spec sheet for the cash you'll pay out, the Ascend G330 could well be the new star of the budget smartphone market. Keep an eye out for our full review, when we'll reveal if it's really worth it.

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The HTC 8S in second in line to the Windows Phone 8 crown at the Taiwanese firm, with the flagship 8X still the show at the top of the tree.

However that's not to say the 8S should be ignored, it's still a perfectly capable and well designed handset which won't cost you a huge amount of money.

The 8S will go head to head with the mid-range Lumia 820, with its fancy array of colour options, 4-inch HD display, 1GHz dual-core processor and the welcome addition of a microSD card slot – something which is missing from both Nokias and the 8X.

An advantage HTC has over its rivals is its partnership with Dr Dre and his Beats Audio technology – enhancing your music with added bass to really get the party started.

Design wise we reckon the Taiwanese firm is on to a winner with the HTC Windows Phone 8S, but we'll reserve proper judgement until we've fully reviewed it.

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Samsung Ativ S

Samsung Ativ S

Not wanting to miss out on the Windows Phone 8 party, mobile giant Samsung has its own handset on the way, in the form of the Ativ S.

Taking design cues from the extremely popular Samsung Galaxy S3, the Ativ S offers up a solid Windows Phone experience and is ready to challenge the likes of the Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8X.

The Ativ S is an intriguing proposition packing a huge 4.8-inch display, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, huge 2,300mAh battery and an 8MP rear camera.

Although slower to market than its rivals the Samsung Ativ S could well be the best of the initial flurry of Windows Phone 8 devices.

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Latest mobile phones 2013 - On Sale

If you want to walk out the door right this secord and pick up a brand new phone then you'll want to know which smartphones have just made it onto market.

Below are our latest in-depth mobile phone reviews, with all these handsets only recently becoming available to buy.

Sony Xperia J

Sony Xperia J

The Sony Xperia J is the smaller and cheaper brother to James Bond's Xperia T, but don't expect to find this handset mingling with scantily clad women - the Xperia J is far more reserved, less flamboyant, happier to stay out of the limelight and just get on with life without frenzied car chases through the French Riviera.

It may not be a wizard on the inside, but overall it offers a respectable smartphone experience at an attractive price point.

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Nokia Lumia 820

Nokia Lumia 820

The Nokia Lumia 820 carries plenty of unique features and costs less than the Lumia 920, making it a tempting offer for anyone considering making the move to Microsoft's OS.

Nokia is building a solid line-up of smooth, competent Windows handsets that started with the original Lumia line-up last year and continues through to the Windows Phone 8 era. We feel the Lumia 820 is a building block for that line-up rather than its superstar focus.

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Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920

The big-boned Lumia 920 is the most feature-packed of the initial Windows Phone 8 line up, as Nokia looks to regain its dominance in the WP market and ride the new OS wave to success.

It isn't a groundbreaking, game-changing device, it's a refreshed Lumia 900 with a newer operating system and some additional power.

That's not to say it's a bad phone, what Nokia has produced is a solid, well-built device which does the job you'd expect of a smartphone, without any of the lag we sometimes see from the convoluted Android system.

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Google Nexus 4

LG Nexus 4

Some handsets we look forward to with much anticipation – only to feel deflated when we actually use them. Others, we wait for with little expectation – and they absolutely blow our socks off.

A stealth surprise. We'll lay our proverbial cards on the table here from the outset. The Nexus 4 is one of those rare devices.

The Nexus 4 cames SO close to racking up a 5 star review, it's unreal. This phone has some of the best specs around but it's not just great value, it's fantastic value. Almost too good to be true. Why did it miss out on the top mark? Find out in our review.

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A splash of colour, Microsoft's latest mobile platform and a sleek new body are combined with more powerful hardware - is the 8X the phone to bring Windows Phone 8 to the masses?

The HTC 8X should have been the comeback Windows phone – it has it all on paper: a brand new updated OS, great looks and top connectivity options (minus 4G).

Plus, it came to market before the attention-seeking Nokia Lumia 920 and yet, despite us being really, really excited to get our mitts on it, we couldn't help feel a little bit 'meh' about the whole experience once we did.

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HTC One X+

HTC One X+

The HTC One X+ isn't exactly a new handset as such, as it shares many similarities with its brother the HTC One X, but there are a few key upgrades in play here.

The One X+ is here to put the issues we experienced with the One X, such as battery life and limited storage, to bed and possibly snatch top spot away from the immensely popular Galaxy S3.

The HTC One X+ had the potential to be the first five star smartphone since the Samsung Galaxy S2, but unfortunately it quite literally run out of juice before the final hurdle.

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