Is this the Sony Xperia Z2 and will it hit Mobile World Congress next month?

20th Jan 2014 | 12:20

Is this the Sony Xperia Z2 and will it hit Mobile World Congress next month?

Sony not hanging about in smartphone race

Update: A series of screenshots claiming to be taken from the Xperia Z2 have now also appeared on the forum post, revealing a slightly tweaked UI.

Sony has barely got a around to taking down the promo posters for the flagship Xperia Z1 handset, but a series leaked photos suggests its successor is already waiting to steal its spot in the limelight

The Xperia Z1 was only announced at IFA back in September, but now a handset with the model name D6503 has emerged on the XDA Developers forum looking suspiciously like it may be the Xperia Z2.

The leak artist claims the device is 5.2-inches in size, a couple of tenths of an inch larger than the existing device, while the smaller bezel may enable the device itself not to grow too much.

Pocket-Now also points out that the placement of the buttons and flaps will probably mean Sony continues the tradition of waterproofing its smartphones.

Three way fight?

It would be somewhat surprising for Sony to wait such a short period of time to replace the Xperia Z1, considering the fanfare it received on arrival.

However, recent reports have suggested a release at Mobile World Congress next month is on the cards.

Given the potential that Samsung and HTC could also use the Barcelona expo to announce their flagship Galaxy S5 and HTC One Two handsets, we may have quite a battle on our hands in Catalonia.

Via Pocket-Now

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