Hands on: ZTE Skate review

16th Feb 2011 | 09:47

Hands on: ZTE Skate review

4.3-inch Gingerbread phone put to the test

Hands-on: ZTE Skate review: Overview

ZTE has been diligently plodding along rolling out cheap and cheerful handsets for some time now – such as the ZTE Racer and ZTE F930 – and the Android boom has really helped the Chinese firm's fortunes. It's back with a vengeance at Mobile World Congress, unleashing the ZTE Skate on Gingerbread.

The latest handset is named the ZTE Skate because its design was apparently influenced by the skateboard. Sadly, it doesn't come on wheels, but it does have a 4.3-inch screen and Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

This is our hands-on review, live from the show floor at Mobile World Congress, so it's entirely possible that what we saw wasn't a finished version; look out for our full ZTE Skate review in the coming months; in the meantime, read on.

The ZTE Skate isn't a bad looking phone – it's no HTC Desire S, but you could do a lot worse.

ZTE skate review

The back panel features a friendly Android hidden in the matte black finish, with a 5MP camera and LED flash.

ZTE skate review

Rejoice, rejoice, for ZTE hasn'tt done away with its camera button like so many other Android handset manufacturers; it sits calmly alongside the micro-USB port for charging and data transfer.

ZTE skate review

The standard Android keys for home, menu and back are all nicely arranged at the bottom of the screen, while the search button has been left out of the fun.

ZTE skate review

Hands on: ZTE Skate review: Interface


For some reason, ZTE has seen fit to make the keyboard nonsensically small; even in landscape mode it seems stunted and fiddly to hit the right keys.

ZTE skate review

In portrait mode it's nigh on unusable.

ZTE skate review

While the 800MHz processor doesn't pack quite the punch that we're used to from 1GHz processors, but it's not what we'd call slow to use either, although there's some occasional lag when switching between functions.

The five-megapixel camera does a fair job, although it's a little slow to capture images.

Aside from that, it's pretty standard Android fare, with widgets and Home screen customisation as standard.

ZTE skate review

The touchscreen itself is quite responsive, although you do have to be a little firmer with it than you do on the likes of the iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S2.

Still, if the price is right, it could be a sound investment for someone who wants a good Android experience on a low budget. Our full ZTE Skate review will reveal all.

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