Hands on: White Google Nexus S £549.95

18th Feb 2011 | 17:00

Hands on: White Google Nexus S

Knobbly white is the new black, apparently

TechRadar rating:

4 stars

A solid if unspectacular performance from Google - it's a great phone with a very usable interface, but perhaps lacks the wow factor of some of its contemporaries


Snappy OS; Android 2.3 with early future updates; Stunning AMOLED screen; Improved battery life; Cool lock screen animation;


Underpowered UI; Not enough Home screen widgets; Slight freezing at times; Light design; Random phone restarting;

All of those of you that wanted an upgraded Google Nexus S - your wish has been granted, if you consider a new colour an upgrade.

TechRadar got a little look at the new handset on test, and if you're in the market for something different when it comes to a new mobile, then the White Nexus S will at least set you apart.

First impressions make it feel like all Google and Samsung have done is chuck a while plastic cover on the back of the phone, but thankfully it's a little more than that.

White nexus s

White nexus s

Firstly, the whole inside of the phone is now white when you pop the cover off, as well as the extraneous buttons - and these are the things that are actually different on view when you consider the differences between the white and black version.

White nexus s

White nexus s

Sat side by side, you probably wouldn't notice the difference between the two phones from the front, with the same 4-inch Super AMOLED screen on offer. We have no idea why the front isn't also white - we can only assume this messes with the colour perception in some way, as the dual tone looks odd.

White nexus s

White nexus s

We put the black plastic cover on the back of the white Nexus S (there's not a lot else you can do when taking pictures of a new cover) so you can see the difference.

White nexus s

White nexus s

Another key difference, and in our eyes an upgrade, is the back is no longer glossy plastic but a slightly mottled exterior making it easier to hold.

White nexus s

White nexus s

Other than that, the two phones are identical. there's no official White Google Nexus S UK release date, but expect to see the phone sometime in April.

It should be landing on the same £30 a month (ish) tariff as its black brethren on Vodafone - at least now you can decide which version suits you better.

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