Hands on: HP Pre 3 review

16th Feb 2011 | 09:36

Hands on: HP Pre 3 review

HP's webOS handset goes Palm-free

Hands-on: HP Pre 3 review: Overview

So goodbye Palm Pre. Hello HP Pre.

The fact we saw recently leaked pictures of the HP TouchPad with Palm labelling suggests that HP's decision to abandon the Palm branding may have been a late one, but it seems strangest with this handset, since its the third numbered version (though fourth overall) of the Palm-branded Pre.

The phone has an incredibly bright (not Super AMOLED Plus bright though) 3.58-inch 480 x 800 touchscreen and a 1.4GHz processor alongside a slide-out keyboard and 8GB or 16GB of internal storage.

HP palm 3

That processor is a quick Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8x55 variant and offers an impressive performance improvement over the plethora of 1GHz phones out there.

HP pre 3

We're not massively keen on the shiny little keys on the HP Pre 3's slider, but HP says it has conducted a lot of testing with the device. The Pre 3 does feel great in the hand though, with a smooth back – however, we don't think that's too great for keeping hold of the device when you're in a hurry!

HP pre 3

Hands-on: HP Pre 3 review: Interface


We'll be honest, before getting hands on with the Pre 3 we had played with the HP TouchPad. As a result webOS felt small here, but it's certainly no less powerful. The cards interface looks terrific on a tablet and, while you need to be smarter with how you use it on a phone, it's certainly intuitive and easy to get a handle on.

HP Synergy enables you to sign into your various accounts such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft Exchange and all your data will automatically be synchronised.

HP pre 3

There's also full support for HTML 5 and Adobe Flash Player 10.1 beta. All webOS devices also include the rather cool 'Just type' feature – simply start typing on the screen and the phone will offer you numerous things you can do with that input, such as a Google search or Facebook post. There's also true multitasking and full office document support.

The HP Palm Pre has a UK release date of Summer 2011.

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