Ballmer hints at new Windows Phone hardware

23rd May 2011 | 15:01

Ballmer hints at new Windows Phone hardware

Mango update to come with new phones?

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The HTC 7 Pro is more of the same in many respects, adding a physical QWERTY keyboard to what we've already seen by way of Windows Phone 7. It's a good smartphone, but not a great one.


Long battery life; Solid build; Nice screen tilt when keyboard is out; Great sound quality; Clear, sharp screen;


No Flash; No desktop Outlook sync; Forced reliance on Zune over drag and drop; No removable storage; Keyboard is among the poorest we've seen from HTC;

Microsoft CEO Stever Ballmer has dropped hints that tomorrow's Windows Phone 7 Mango update reveal will also see new handsets announced.

Speaking at an event in Japan, Ballmer mentioned the Mango update and its 500 new features, many of which have already been detailed by the company.

But he also spoke of the "launch event tomorrow including some of the particulars about who's going to building Windows Phones and which carriers are going to be offering them here in Japan."

Wild speculation

While that remark is obviously specific to the Japanese audience he was addressing, speculation is rife that we'll also see new global partners – or even new handsets – showcased at the event on Tuesday.

It would be no kind of shocker to discover that Sony Ericsson has a Windows Phone handset in the works after its deliberately vague comments on the subject and photos of prototypes emerging online.

But it would be exciting to see some of the second generation of Windows Phone 7 phones coming through – it has been a good eight months since its launch, after all. Who does Microsoft think it is? Apple?

Judge for yourself - hear Ballmer's comments in full in the low-fi video below:

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