Apple accuses Samsung of harassment over iPhone 5 demands

14th Jun 2011 | 14:29

Apple accuses Samsung of harassment over iPhone 5 demands

Copycat patent case gets heated

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Great screen; Top notch 5MP camera; Much-improved design; Gyroscope gaming; Improved call quality; Overhauled iOS 4


Reception issue in left hand; High price; No home screen widgets; No social networking integration

Apple has accused Samsung of trying to harass it, as the Korean company demands to see top secret future iPhone and iPad devices including the iPhone 5 and iPad 3.

The demands come as part of Apple and Samsung's ongoing patent and trademark infringement spat, which has already seen a judge force Samsung to show its announced but unreleased smartphone stock to the Cupertino crew.

Apple may have conceded defeat in one patent case today, but it's certainly not letting another get away from it with relations between Samsung and Apple reportedly deteriorating further.

Sincerest form of flattery

It does seem strange that Samsung would have any grounds to demand future Apple products, given that the case seeks to determine whether or not Samsung's Galaxy smartphone and tablet range have been a little too "inspired" by the iPhone and iPad, and not vice versa.

Apple's filing against Samsung reads, "Samsung's Motion to Compel is an improper attempt to harass Apple by demanding production of extremely sensitive trade secrets that have no relevance to Apple's likelihood of success on its infringement claims or to a preliminary injunction motion.

"Apple made a compelling showing in its motion to expedite discovery that Apple needs samples of products that Samsung has already announced, distributed, and described, so that Apple can evaluate whether to file a preliminary injunction motion against those products, which look strikingly similar to the distinctive trade dress of Apple's current products.

"Samsung has made no such showing about Apple's future products. Therefore, Samsung's Motion to Compel should be denied."

From FOSS Patents via 9to5Mac

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