Android Ice Cream Sandwich release date: October or November £549.95

7th Sep 2011 | 21:24

Android Ice Cream Sandwich release date: October or November

Google chairman Eric Schmidt offers release schedule details

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A solid if unspectacular performance from Google - it's a great phone with a very usable interface, but perhaps lacks the wow factor of some of its contemporaries


Snappy OS; Android 2.3 with early future updates; Stunning AMOLED screen; Improved battery life; Cool lock screen animation;


Underpowered UI; Not enough Home screen widgets; Slight freezing at times; Light design; Random phone restarting;

The next big update to Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, will be released in October or November this year according to Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt.

Ice Cream Sandwich will combine elements of the current Gingerbread smartphone and Honeycomb tablet software in order to create one united OS for the Android platform.

We've known for a while that it is coming before the end of the year, but in an interview with Salesforce CEO Mike Benioff, Schmidt was a little more specific.

"We have a new operating system, internally known as Ice Cream Sandwich for some reason, which is being released in October/November, which everyone's really excited about," he said.


Google has been heavily criticised for how fragmented the Android operating system can be, with many devices all running different versions of the software.

The company hopes that Ice Cream Sandwich will remedy those ills creating one master operating system.

The first device to run Ice Cream Sandwich is expected to be the Samsung Nexus Prime, which continues to be at the centre of all speculation.

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Android Ice Cream Sandwich
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