Amazon phone rears its head again, this time claims 4.7-inch display

27th Mar 2013 | 13:18

Amazon phone rears its head again, this time claims 4.7-inch display

Just launch the thing already

The Amazon phone has become the rumour that refuses to die and fresh reports now suggest it will launch with a sizeable display.

According to the wildly hit and miss Digitimes those famous "industry supply chain sources" (whoever they may be) have apparently offered up another nugget of information on a phone with could sport the online retail giant's name.

The sources claim the Amazon phone will launch with a 4.7-inch display, which is bigger than was originally planned.

Force feeding

Reports suggest Amazon wanted its first phone to have a 4.3-inch display but with the swath of 5-inch devices now on the market it's been forced to change tack.

In terms of an Amzon phone release date the supply chain leakers suggest it will happen later this year, as a second quarter launch is now out of the question thanks to production issues.

While Amazon continues to dabble in the tablet market with the likes of the Kindle Fire HD, it's made no mention that a smartphone could also be on the horizon and we're not pinning too much hope on this latest report.

Via UnwiredView

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