15 best Nokia apps from the Ovi Store

18th Aug 2010 | 15:30

15 best Nokia apps from the Ovi Store

The best Ovi apps you can download for free

Best Nokia apps / best Ovi apps: 1-8

Apple and Android may be still grabbing headlines, but it's no longer the case that other platforms aren't well catered for in the app department.

Nokia's Ovi Store now handles over 1.7 million downloads a day, so we decided it was high time we listed the best Nokia apps available. And, what's more, all 15 of these best Ovi apps are available for free.

1. Grocery

Grocery is a fully featured Nokia app that gives you direct access into the Tesco online shopping site. You're able to browse groceries, book a delivery slot and checkout – all synchronised with your account at Tesco.com. It's not ideal for a complete shop from scratch, but it's great to track orders and add forgotten items.

Best nokia apps

2. Opera Mobile 10

Opera Mobile 10 is the latest version of the popular mobile browser that introduces Speed Dial and tabbed browsing to the app. It will also remember log-in details – surely an essential feature but often overlooked in mobile browsers.

Best nokia apps

3. Yell.com

Yell.com's big boon is that it really knows how to present location-based information. There's also the ability to view walking and driving directions to your chosen result. If you regularly look up local services, businesses and shops on your Nokia handset, you'll find Yell.com a really useful tool.

Best nokia apps

4. Absolute Radio Touch

The Absolute Radio app enables you to listen to streaming audio from Absolute Radio's various UK stations and it also works over 3G - as well as the main station, Absolute Radio UK. There's also Absolute Classic Rock and Absolute 80s as well as Dabbl, a radio station that plays what the listeners vote for.

Best nokia apps

5. Sports Tracker

One of those apps you can't quite believe is free, Sports Tracker is a fully featured sports computer which uses the GPS in your Nokia to keep track of how far you've run, cycled, walked or skied.The perfect exercise companion and one of the best free Ovi apps around.

Best nokia apps

6. Own Voice for Ovi Maps

This brand new app from Nokia brings an interesting new dimension to Ovi Maps. As you might guess by the name, Own Voice enables you to record your own voice (or someone else's) for use over these directions. Once you have recorded your oral masterpiece, then you hit save and the whole thing will be ready for you at the Own Voice website.

Best nokia apps

7. Nokia Photo Browser

Nokia Photo Browser is an experimental photo browser that makes viewing your photos quick and fun. It's a beta app from Nokia's Beta Labs, so isn't polished. Once the app is loaded, it will resemble a whole bunch of blank rectangles. These will soon start to populate with your photos, though, and what's great is that you can scroll it in any direction.

Best nokia apps

8. Orange Wednesdays

The well-known cinema ticket scheme is now available on Nokia. As well as dishing out free codes for those on Orange, the Orange Wednesdays app also enables you to find cinemas, get maps and directions to them, see what's on near you, watch trailers, plus read and add reviews.

Best nokia apps

Best Nokia apps / best Ovi apps: 9-15

9. Exclusion

This clever little game – developed by Nokia itself – is fairly simple in premise yet is surprisingly addictive. In Exclusion your objective is to clear both your mind and the playing field of Memes. The game works on Symbian S60 5th generation devices such as the Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97.

Best nokia apps

10. Qik Video Camera Lite

Qik enables you to record and share high quality videos with your friends, family and the web - right from your Nokia handset. You can post directly to Facebok, Twitter and YouTube as well as email videos to contacts.

Best nokia apps

11. Nokia Point & Find

Nokia Point & Find is an augmented reality app of the kind we've recently been seeing a lot of on the iPhone 3GS and Android devices. At its most extreme, this can tell you information about the restaurant you're looking at. With less complex handsets, the app will just tell you about local services.

Best nokia apps

12. Goal.com

Goal.com opens on a breaking news screen which is constantly updated. It's quick and responsive, enabling you to move between stories reasonably well – though it would be good to just be able to move to the next story rather than having to go back to the menu and selecting another manually.

Best nokia apps

13. Dictionary & Translation Pro

This simple app enables you to look up any English word you want to. The app will then download the meaning, any synonyms and a translation - a good basic tool to look up synonyms and it might even be useful for some linguists, but we reckon you won't bother to start up this app for the dictionary component – you're surely more likely to use your browser's search function for that, aren't you?

Best nokia apps

14. Ovi Mail Setup Wizard

Your Nokia makes a great mobile email device. The Ovi Mail Setup Wizard enables you to create an email account directly from your device and you'll get a username@ovi.com email address. Other email accounts can be used with your handset, but it certainly makes things easy if you don't already have an email account you can use with your mobile.

Best nokia apps

15. TuneWiki

This replacement music player provides some handy added features including the ability to listen to internet radio over 3G using the Shoutcast radio network. There's Facebook and Twitter integration as well as Top 50 charts so you can discover new tunes. A fully featured app that's definitely worth a look if you often look up lyrics.

Best nokia apps


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