10 essential fitness apps for Windows Phone

2nd Jan 2014 | 15:00

10 essential fitness apps for Windows Phone

Open a window to fitness

From Endomondo to adidas and calorie trackers to pedometers there has never been a greater selection of Windows Phone apps available to help you get fit. Better yet, we've saved you the effort of trawling through them looking for the worthwhile ones. Stick to these ten and you'll do just fine.

1. Endomondo Sports Tracker (free)

Endomondo is a big name in fitness apps and with good reason. Its Windows Phone app allows you to track the distance, duration, speed and burnt calories of your run, walk or cycle.

You can set a distance goal and receive audio coaching to reach it, view your route on a map and view a history of your workouts, allowing you to see how your performance has changed over time.

It's even a little bit social as you can share your workouts on Facebook, view friends workouts and even get a live pep talk from friends if they type one into the Endomondo website while you're on your run.

2. Gym PocketGuide (free)

Gym PocketGuide

Gym PocketGuide brings detailed images, videos and guides for over 100 exercises to your phone, keeping you constantly stocked with a variety of new exercises to learn and try.

Not only that, it also has 7 day workout programmes, tailored towards different goals. So whether you want to lose weight, tone or build muscle, Gym PocketGuide has a routine to help.

Best of all, aside from the videos it's all available offline, so you can read up on exercises any time, anywhere and won't have to eat into your data limit.

3. CycloMeter (free)

CycloMeter is a feature packed cycle tracking app. It includes things you'd expect like the ability to view your ride on a map, view charts of your ride and track your average speed, peak speed, current speed, time spent moving, total time and calories burned.

But beyond that it also gives you the option to race against a time that you've previously set on a route, giving you motivation to improve.

Plus to save you having to stop and fiddle with your phone it can read out your ride stats as you go.

4. adidas miCoach (free)

Adidas miCoach

If you only use one running app, make it adidas miCoach. You can use it to track distance, speed, time and calories burned, just like any other run tracker.

But with adidas miCoach you can also get voice coaching from athletes, set and track goals and view charts of your performance.

The app also goes beyond run tracking by providing instructional videos for more than 400 strength and flexibility exercises and bringing you new workouts daily.

So whatever your approach to fitness, adidas miCoach is likely to have you covered.

5. DailyYoga for Abs (free)

DailyYoga for Abs is exactly what it sounds like. There are a selection of yoga sessions, each consisting of videos with voice narration and each lasting between 10 and 20 minutes.

By doing one of these each day you can work towards your fitness targets and get better at yoga in the process.

All of the sessions are focused on building your abdominal muscles, however if you'd rather work on a different part of your body there are also other DailyYoga apps, such as DailyYoga for Chest.

6. Runtastic PRO (£3.99)

Runtastic Pro

Runtastic PRO is a comprehensive run tracker, complete with calorie, distance, time, speed and elevation tracking.

It can also display your route, give you an overview of your workout history, let you share routes from phone to phone using NFC, set up training plans to achieve goals, give you voice feedback, control your music and let you share your run on social networks.

In other words it does just about everything you might want from a run tracker.

At £3.99 it's got a premium price tag by app standards, but the wealth of features justify it.

7. Pedometer Master (free)

Pedometer Master can track the number of steps you've taken when walking or running, as you'd expect.

But it can also track the duration of a workout, the distance travelled, your average speed, your current speed, the number of calories burned and even how many steps you take a minute.

Extra features include the ability to control your music from the app, backup workouts to SkyDrive and view historic workout data.

8. Calorie Tracker (£2.29)

Calorie Tracker

Calorie Tracker includes a database of over 625,000 food and restaurant items, making it a breeze to log what you eat.

Anything that's not in the database can be added manually and exercises can be tracked too.

Simply set a goal for what weight you want to reach and then the app will automatically tell you how many calories to eat each day.

All you need to do is log your food and exercise and you can easily ensure you stay on track.

9. 100 Push-ups (free)

100 Push-ups aims to get you fit enough to do 100 push-ups in a row. It does this first by having users carry out an initial test to see how many they can do and then setting out a training plan which will gradually increase the amount that you perform.

But while its name might make you think the app is all about push-ups, it can also be used to train you to do 100 sit-ups, 50 pull-ups or 300 squats.

So you can easily workout different body parts and train different muscles while working towards clear goals.

10. Caledos Runner (free)

Caledos Runner

Caledos Runner can be used to track your distance, pace, speed, time, position, calories and elevation during a run.

If you have a Bluetooth HxM Heart Rate Monitor you can even link it up to the app and track your heart rate.

Audio cues will keep you updated on your stats and progress as you run and you can control your music from the app.

It also includes social network integration, allowing you to post your runs to Facebook and Twitter and it's deeply integrated with RunKeeper, allowing you to sync your data with it.

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