10 best iPhone football apps

15th Aug 2014 | 10:01

10 best iPhone football apps

Essential football apps every fan should consider

As legendary Liverpool manager Bill Shankly once said: "some people believe football is a matter of life and death - it is much, much more important than that."

That sentiment will ring true for any football fan, from those who stand on freezing terraces on Tuesday nights to those glued to the television every Saturday afternoon.

We've rounded up our top 10 football apps for iPhone, just in time for the new Premier League season, which will help you enjoy football even more.

Whether it's following your team, enjoying the finest goals from around the world or passing those hollow days between games, these are the best football apps for your iPhone.

1. Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre - free

Sky Sports Score Centre

Every Saturday, millions of people around the UK spend their afternoon feverishly staring at their TV, watching four grey-haired men from Sky Sports watch football.

Unfortunately, Saturday afternoons often have other dubious functions such as family, shopping and kids. If this sounds familiar, try Sky Sports Score Centre, which puts Jeff Stelling and his silver-haired gang in your pocket, with up-to-the-minute action from every game from the Premier League and Serie A to the Evo-Stick League, with team line-ups, live commentary and stats.

A new season brings a new version of this app, with the addition of the ability to follow four teams at a time and a speedier startup time.

Download it from iTunes

2. Sun+ Goals - free (needs subscription)

Sun+ Goals - needs a subscription

It used to be that you would have to go to the ESPN goals app for speedy access to clips of goals at no cost.

But now The Sun and The Times app is the place to go. To check out the critical moments of Premier League games you will need a subscription to climb over the newspaper paywall.

Download it from iTunes

3. FourFourTwo Stats Zone - free

FourFourTwo Stats Zone

If you take your football more seriously than those halfwits in the pub who spout half-baked observations based on tired cliches, FourFourTwo Stats Zone is the app for you.

It offers full analysis of all the Premier League games, from the basic shot count and possession to full pass maps and work rates of the players.

It's not just a pool of meaningless information for football geeks, as it can also be used for evil, adding insight to your fantasy football teams, weekend sports betting and pub trivia.

Download it from iTunes

4. Football Manager Handheld 2014 - £6.99

Football Manager

A game for true football fans, Football Manager Handheld 2014 is a portable port of the classic PC game, which has sapped millions of collective hours from our youth.

It's made with footy-mad commuters in mind, and while it's lighter on the options, it retains all the compulsive enjoyment of its fully-featured predecessors.

The best thing about it isn't the breadth of teams or smooth learning curve, both of which are excellent, but that it can be picked up and put down easily, making it ideal for short journeys to work.

Download it from iTunes

5. New Star Soccer - 69p

New Star Soccer

The game that took the world by storm last year, New Star Soccer is one of the best footy simulators out there. You command the career of an up-and-coming player who has to battle the conflicting interests of playing the modern game with gambling, sponsor commitments and high-maintenance girlfriends.

If it sounds like a grown up version of The Sims, that's because it is, but you get to score 40-yard wonder-strikes and enjoy your character having a better life than you.

Download it from iTunes

6. Sky Go - Free (requires Sky subscription)

Sky Go

So you've been dragged away for the weekend, the biggest game of the season is live on Sky Sports, and you're not sure what's worse: missing the turning point in the title chase or that you pay for Sky Sports and you're stuck in a rainy caravan in Morecombe.

Sky Go is the essential app for any iOS rocking Sky Sports subscriber, and it lets you watch the game live on your iPhone. We'd urge you to tweet the hashtag '#winning' but you might miss a goal.

Download it from iTunes

7. Score! Classic Goals - free


The App Store is filled with footy games which let you flick and swipe balls into the net with varying degrees of majesty, but Score does it best.

Why? Because each of the wonder goals hammered home by your index digit are reenactments of the finest strikes in international football history.

Eagled-eyed gamers will spot them from the tournaments of yesteryear, from Michael Owen's mazy England goal that humbled Argentina in '98 to Dennis Bergkamp's dreamy volley in '96.

The game's made better by the rating system of the goals, and you need to get them perfect to unlock the next set; think Angry Birds does football and you're there.

Download it from iTunes

8. TeamStream - free

TeamStream from The Bleacher Report

TeamStream is a news and information service from US sporting giant The Bleacher Report that lets you choose your favourite teams and then scrapes stories and tweets from around the web.

It's a good looking one-stop-shop for football news, although it tends to work better for the bigger clubs.

Download it from iTunes

9. BBC Sport - free

BBC Sport

The Beeb has just released its official sports app, which puts all the latest football news at your fingertips. Not only is it great for following the fascinating soap opera of football, but it also has live text commentary of the biggest games from the BBC's world-renowned team of journalists.

It's also fully customisable, so you can filter football stories from the vastly less important rugby, tennis and athletics news.

Download it from iTunes

10. MatchPint - free

Match Pint

You're in a strange city and it's almost the lunchtime kick-off - time to find a pub. Leaving it up to your mate who reckons "he knows somewhere nearby" is a sure-fire recipe for missing the first half or ending up in a friendly local Millwall hangout.

Leave nothing to chance with MatchPint, which find the games on TV and tells you which pubs are showing them, offering reviews of the establishment in question and even guiding you there using Google Maps.

It's one of many apps that do similar things, but the simple interface and multitude of users make it a top-scorer in our eyes.

Download it from iTunes

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