HTC Incredible S UK release date tomorrow?

24th Feb 2011 | 15:12

HTC Incredible S UK release date tomorrow?

Doubtful early release for the Incredible phone

TechRadar rating:

4.5 stars

Another cracking phone from HTC, but one that doesn't add a lot more than a more rugged chassis and four inch screen


Slick UI; Excellent 8MP camera; High quality screen; Pleasant-feeling chassis; Low price;


Poor battery life; Screen poor in direct light; Bulbous rear; Locations service still buggy; Erratic video player

Rumours have surfaced that a retail site in the UK is set to sell the HTC Incredible S from tomorrow, 25 February.

Electric Pig is reporting that is set to begin selling the smartphone, which would be much earlier than anticipated.

However, it's not outside the realms of possibility that a launch for the Incredible S is imminent; after all, it's going to ship with Android 2.2 instead of holding out for Gingerbread (that update will come later). seems quite confident that it will have stock from tomorrow, and customers who buy the Incredible S on Friday should expect delivery on Saturday.


The site says you'll be able to nab the handset for free on two-year contracts with O2, Vodafone and Orange starting at £30 per month.

That'll get you a 4-inch LCD screen, 8MP camera with dual LED flash and HD video recording, all backed up with a 1GHz processor.

There's no word from HTC about this and the company hasn't unveiled official HTC Incredible S pricing or release dates.

In short, we'd advise you to take the rumour with a bucket or two of salt.

Via ElectricPig

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