Blu-ray failing to make an impact this Xmas

15th Dec 2009 | 08:46

Blu-ray failing to make an impact this Xmas

Makes around a quarter of what DVD sold in its fourth year

Blu-ray is making around a quarter of the revenue that the DVD format was pulling in by the time it hit the four-year mark in its lifecycle.

The President of Universal Studios went on record this month to claim that if a movie's home video sales were 30 per cent Blu-ray, then his company considered that a 'success'.

Winning a battle, losing the war

While Blu-ray 'beat' the HD DVD format nearly two years ago now, the high def format is still not making much of an impact on home movie sales.

Blu-ray will produce around $1.3 billion in revenue to studios this year, says Tom Adams, President of Adams Media Research – which equates to about 14% of anticipated sales of regular DVDs this year.

Blu-ray, now in its fourth year, is pulling in revenues that are around a quarter of what DVD made in its fourth year


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