Nintendo 3DS outselling PS Vita, PS3 and PSP combined in Japan £197

5th Apr 2012 | 22:48

Nintendo 3DS outselling PS Vita, PS3 and PSP combined in Japan

Glasses-less 3D console excelling on home turf

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Nintendo's 3DS console may have endured a slow start, but new figures from Japan suggest the glasses-less 3D handheld has now gained a full head of steam.

For the week ending April 1, the company recorded an impressive 121,921 sales, up 30,000 from the previous week's tally.

Reports suggest the release of Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts 3D game, which shifted over 200,000 copies, may have propelled the extra sales.

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PSP outselling PS Vita still, 3DS dominates

Perhaps just as significant for Nintendo, is the new-found ability to brag about the 3DS outselling the combined totals of every major Sony console last week.

The 3DS outshone the PS3 (23,771) PSP (18,356) PS Vita (12,105) and PS2 (1,374).

While that's cause for celebration at Ninty, Sony will be more concerned that the new Vita is still shifting less units than the previous generation model.

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