Best cheap Xbox One Deals

20th Oct 2014 | 11:50

Best cheap Xbox One Deals

The best cheap Xbox One deals available right now

Here at Techradar, we have updated and rounded up the cheapest deals available to you for the Xbox One in the market now. There are several cheap Xbox One console bundle deals that have appeared in recent weeks.

If you're in the market for a new console there are some great cheap Xbox One deals to be had.

The Evil Within

Take advantage of this time limited deal by Tesco which includes the Xbox One console, Alien Isolation and The Evil Within for only £349.

ShopTo currently have one of the best bundles around offering you the Xbox One console, The Evil Within, Alien Isolation, Forza 5, Dead Rising 3 & Wolfenstein for only £399.85. This bundle has a plethora of games which will keep you busy for the next few months.

Simplygames have a standalone bundle which includes an Xbox One & The Evil Within for only £319.99. This bundle also includes "The Fighting Chance Bonus DLC".


Amazon are now are offering a promotion where you can now purchase the Xbox One Console with FIFA 15 Bundle for only £329. FIFA 15 promises to be one of the best selling games of the year and you can expect major graphical advances compared to previous generations.

ShopTo have a bundle which may interest potential buyers. The bundle includes the Xbox One with FIFA 15 and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Day Zero edition. This can all be had for £349.85.

Argos have an excellent deal available right now whereby you can pick up an Xbox One FIFA 15 bundle which comes with an extra wireless controller, and a Xbox One Play & Charge kit for only £349.99.

Destiny, Call of Duty & Halo

If you want three of the most anticipated games of 2014, you can purchase Destiny, Call of Duty Ghosts and Halo: The Master Chief Collection with the Xbox One for only £369.99 at GAME. Once you have added this to the basket, Halo should appear also. This is one of the greatest bundle deals currently available on the market.

You can also purchase Xbox One Destiny & Halo: The Master Chief Collection bundle from GAME for only £349.99.

Destiny, the most anticipated first person shooter of 2014 is available to buy now. Tesco currently have the one of the best bundle deals currently available in the market for the Xbox One console and Destiny. Add both products to your basket, and use the code "TDX-HWXT" to reduce it down to a grand price of £319.

Simply Games also have the Destiny Bundle on Xbox One going for a mere 99p more, coming in at £319.99 but with the added benefits of next day delivery via a courier.

Halo has always been a cult favourite for Xbox fans since the original Combat Evolved graced the scene back in 2001. It's making a return this November 14th which includes Anniversary versions of Halo and Halo 2 and also, a Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer beta – the fifth instalment in the Halo series. Pre order the Halo: The Master Chief Collection from Amazon today.

White Xbox One

Not keen on the black version of the console? Gamestop have the best available price for the white Xbox One Sunset Overdrive Bundle which can be had at an amazing price of £309.97.

ShopTo have the Xbox One Sunset Overdrive bundle which also includes a copy of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Day Zero edition for only £349.85.


Since Kinect was unbundled ​from its console Microsoft tells us that​ sales have doubled - finally showing that the Xbox One can go toe-to-toe with the ubiquitous Sony PS4 which reached the 10 million​ sold milestone recently. You can buy the standalone console at Amazon for only £327.99.

As the Xbox One works out cheaper for consumers without Kinect, there are very few bundles in the market that incorporate the addition of Kinect. Amazon currently have a very good Xbox One Kinect bundle with Destiny which can be bought for £349.00.

More bundles

Prefer a bundle with a mix of games? ShopTo currently have a very good bundle offering Xbox One, Alien Isolation, Wolfenstein, Forza Horizon 2, Call of Duty Ghosts and a Play & Charge kit for only £399.85.

Grand Theft Auto V is currently being readied for the current generation of consoles and should take advantage of the increase in graphical and technical power available in the Xbox One. You can pre order Grand Theft Auto V from Amazon today.

Check out our other cheap Xbox One offers available to you.

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