Xbox shows a little heart on PS4 launch day

15th Nov 2013 | 20:46

Xbox shows a little heart on PS4 launch day


As we enter the "goodwill towards men [and women and woodland creatures]" season, it sends a warm fuzzy down our cold, dark hearts to see a bitter rival extend a gesture of friendship, however small.

"Congratulations on your launch, Sony," read an image posted by the official @Xbox Twitter account at 9 a.m. PST. It was accompanied by the message "Congrats @Playstation. From #Xbox."

Today marks the North American launch of Sony's PS4, and who better than the folks at Xbox to know the blood, sweat and tears that go into pulling off a console release?

Sure, Xbox's true feelings would probably read something like, "Just wait until the Xbox One drops awesome bombs on November 22, suckas!!! #xbox1rulesps4drools," but we'll hold tight to the fuzziness for now.

More blips!

Wrap yourself up in some more blips.

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