Report: Apple Stores preparing for Lion launch next week £25

8th Jul 2011 | 01:06

Report: Apple Stores preparing for Lion launch next week

Overnight upgrades coming to retail stores say sources

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A surprisingly solid point-zero update that we wholeheartedly recommend Leopard users upgrade to as it provides a faster Mac, a bunch of hard drive space returned to you and Exchange support


Improved performance; Reduced - not increased – footprint; Built-in Exchange support; Stacks and Exposé much more useful; Hugely improved Services; Lots of minor beneficial tweaks; Extremely affordable; The beginnings of malware protection; Recording, trimming and sharing in QuickTime Player


The usual third-party software incompatibilities; PowerPC owners are stuffed; Rosetta not installed by default; Some dodgy interface decisions/no unified UI; A few bugs lurking - even in Apple software; QuickTime Player feature-set should have gone further

The long-awaited release of Apple's Mac OS X Lion operating system will arrive after the weekend, according to reports late on Thursday.

Cupertino has started to inform its retail store players of the preparatory measures required to make the imminent upgrades, according to AppleInsider.

The site says it has been made aware that Mac models in-store will be upgraded with the necessary RAM under the weekend in preparation for download to Lion.

A separate source told 9to5mac that an overnight product shift will take place on Wednesday 13 July, with Apple retail store employees working through the night to ensure all Macs are upgraded to OS X 10.7 Lion.

MacBook Airs to follow

The report also claims that once the Lion refit is complete, the eagerly-anticipated MacBook Air refresh will arrive soon after, probably the following week.

Apple is rumoured to be holding back on launching any new Macs until it can fit them all with a completed version of the new OS.

With over 500 new features, the iOS-like desktop and laptop software refresh will be available for the ridiculously inexpensive £21.


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