Apple gears up for WWDC 09 keynote £99

8th Jun 2009 | 15:19

Apple gears up for WWDC 09 keynote

And TechRadar will be bringing you the announcements

TechRadar rating:

4.5 stars

There are still a few things to be ironed out, but it's to do with firmware and - battery life and camera aside - the hardware is superb. A standard the rest must show they can compete with.


Awesome functionality for first-timers All-round improvement on iPhone 2G 3G data is speedy GPS facility very welcome Good data and Wi-Fi contracts


Battery life typically smartphone-poor GPS functionality not quite there yet Texting still needs work Camera remains poor

Apple is gearing up for its Worldwide Developer Conference keynote this evening, and TechRadar will be bringing you all the key announcements.

You can also see the latest updates from our colleagues at MacLife in the US and MacFormat in the UK via the MacFormat blog.

We're obviously expecting a whole lot more on iPhone 3.0 as well as new hardware, and Apple will all also give us the lowdown on the new Snow Leopard version of OS X. Will we see the new iPhone Video? What seems a cert is that the iPhone will have its memory upgraded to 32GB.

The rumour mill is more split on what will happen with Snow Leopard. Will it ship immediately or will we have to wait? Apple will surely want to rain on the Windows 7 parade.

The keynote speech will be presented by Phil Schiller and will be available as streamed video after the event. Persistent rumours seem to indicate that Steve Jobs will at least make some sort of cameo appearance even if it's during a demo.

The feed will be live from 17:30 BST and the keynote starts at 18:00 BST.

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