Apple slip suggests Mac Pro to go eight-core

13th Mar 2007 | 00:00

Apple slip suggests Mac Pro to go eight-core

Glitch in UK online store reveals destination of new Xeons?

A slip-up in Apple 's web design department may point the way to a revision of the Mac Pro , first launched last August.

A glut of eagle-eyed Mac bloggers spotted the glitch last night, noticing that a Mac Pro with two quad-core Intel Xeon processors was seemingly cited as 'eight-core'. The hiccup occurred at the UK online store.

The current MacPro has two dual-core Xeon chips under the hood, but Intel did announce two energy efficient quad-core server processors yesterday. The next-generation Xeon chips consume 50W of power; a "35 to nearly 60 percent decrease in power from Intel's existing 80-watt and 120-watt quad-core server products," according to Intel .

These new chips would be in pole position to ship with the next-generation Mac Pro. Surely it's no coincidence the silicon was announced the same day as the hiccup occurred. Then again, this is Apple...

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