Legendary 1985 amp makes a comeback

15th Feb 2008 | 17:14

Legendary 1985 amp makes a comeback

Musical Fidelity

Musical Fidelity’s legendary A1 integrated amplifier has been re-launched for the 21st Century. Originally introduced back in 1985, the A1 offered audiophiles 20 watts of Class A power, all wrapped up in – what by 1980’s standards – was futuristic casework.

This low powered amp naturally required highly efficient speakers, but at just £250 at launch, it received rave reviews around the world and went on to sell an incredible 200,000 units.

Take the A1

After a very long ‘holiday’ the A1 is back. Now sporting a 50 per cent increase in power – to 30 watts – the new 2008 A1 retains its Class A heritage and classic styling, but now includes a few modern twists.

Alongside the conventional collection of inputs – which includes a MM phono stage – the A1 now sports a USB input, LCD display and remote control. Despite these ‘modern’ additions, the A1 retains the original aesthetics of the 1985 model, although the Wembley-based firm insists that build quality is a ‘substantial step up’ from the original.

Of course, the new 2008 A1 is still a moderately powered Class A ampliifer, and accordingly, Musical Fidelity is suggesting the amp be partnered with speakers of 92dB or greater efficiency. The amp is due in April.

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